Victoria Día De Los Muertos
October, 2020
Set of illustrations for three limited-edition custom bottle labels of Victoria Beer featuring La Catrina
May, 2020
Illustration for the limited edition 2020 Mexican Heritage Tin of Silver Patron Tequila
December, 2019
Set of illustrations for Breakside Brewery.
Dress Up: Change the World
October, 2018
Exhibition Design
Set of illustrations for an exhibition DressUP: Change the World, in the Museum of Australian Democracy.
Cerveza Indio Barrios de los Muertos
November, 2018
Illustration campaign for beer labels for Cerveza Indio in Day of The Dead in Mexico
Biztec Album
June, 2019
Cover Art
Cover artwork for the new album of Biztec, an indie-rock band from Aguascalientes, Mexico.
Converse Rubber Tracks Live Mexico
November, 2013
Poster design
Gig posters commissioned by Converse.
Converse Scuba Helmet
June, 2014
Mural art
Canvas mural art commissioned by Converse under direction of Julia Jeanguenat and Fiona Boyd, through Converse Rubber Tracks Mexico City project.
Converse Giant Squid
May, 2014
Mural art
Mural art commissioned by Converse under direction  of Valeria Galvez, through Converse Space (Havre 64, Mexico City) project. Space 64 was a showroom and a space for parties. 
Jose Cuervo Tradicional
June, 2017
Packaging (proposal)
Illustration proposal for a special edition label of Tequila Jose Cuervo Tradicional.
December, 2014
Limited Edition Art Tees 
A commissioned illustration for Limited Edition Inferandt Art Tees  inspired by the eldest of the Gorgons, Stheno, Medusa's sister. 
Bad Date, Worst Excuses
January, 2014
Illustration for JDate advertising "Bad date. Worst Excuses." AD by Adi Targownik