An adventure 
65 millions years
in the Making

Jurassic Park

December, 2018

9 color screen print inspired by 'Jurassic Park' 
the 90's blockbuster directed by Steven Spielberg,
starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum 
and Richard Attenborough and among others.

Color separations


Original Pencil drawings

Original drawings were made with Pentel GraphGear 0,5mm mechanical pencil with HB and 3H leads and Derwent-Graphic Graphite 6H, 3H and H pencils on A4 Fabriano paper sheets except raptors and T-rex, made on A3 sheets.

All orginal pencil drawings were scanned separately an then assambled and remastered in Photoshop.


Thanks for watching

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