El Pollo Caliente is a premium mezcal by Liquor Starz that features the unique flavors of Oaxaca, Mexico. The agency ROCK3RS, based in New York developed the brand identity of El Pollo Caliente and also develop the packaging design for the mezcal.

Ric Hernández from ROCK3RS asked us to make the bold, fire filled rooster created with this linocut style of texture to connect users to memories of old craftsmanship. The textured rooster has graceful feathers, an engulfing flame covering the body and the heart of the agave in its body. Subtle treatments but purposeful approach give this strong identity the weight it needs to stand out in a growing market. The identity and bold packaging approach makes it easily recognizable as it looks alive over the bar lighting, calling onto customers to come experience the adventures of this one of a kind mezcal. From the rough feel of the linocut-style rooster art, to the the refined papers and label treatments, El Pollo Caliente promises a fresh new take on mezcal culture and lifestyle.

Art Direction: Ric Hernández


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