Dos semanas en Julio

June, 2019

Natur & Kultur

Åsa Gustafsson

"Dos semanas de julio" is an innovative and modern basic teaching material in Spanish for grades 6-9 in Sweden. Exciting stories that run throughout the school year, speed up student's language development and raise their motivation. This book series are published by Natur & Kultur, a Swedish publishing foundation with head office in Stockholm known for an extensive series of teaching materials.

In this year's story, Daniel, a travels to Mexico to work. But he finds a box of old letters and diaries and decides to look for the right owner. I was asked through the editor Åsa Gustafsson​​​​​​​ to prepare a set of illustrations for the story of Daniel in this year 9 of "Dos Semanas de Julio". Here is the cover illustration and the full set for this publication.

More information about the book HERE

All the illustrations are original pencil drawings on paper remastered and colored in Adobe Photoshop with Wacom Cintiq.​​​​​​​

Thanks for watching.

I would like to acknowledge contribution to this project from my two interns Sergio Leal and Ricardo Paztt.

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