Foto by Jorge Montañez Andrade
My name is Gustavo Díaz Montañez 
a.k.a. Tavo Montañez (born 1984). 

Since finishing studies in Graphic Design I am a freelance illustrator living and working in Aguascalientes, Mexico. 
As an illustrator I usually start the creative process with some notes and sketches in my Moleskine sketchbook. I like to work in analog mediums, mainly pencil and ink on paper, incorporating the potential of the latest technology by frequently combining traditional drawing with computer processing and often by creating fully digital graphics.
I have made illustrations for creative agencies, books, magazines, advertising, beers, a tequila, a TV show, environmental designs in museums and universities, screen printing posters, and some walls.
I am always interested in collaborate with other professionals from all disciplines, experiment with different concepts and mediums and be part of new projects.​​​​​​​

Breakside Brewery / Converse / Cerveza Indio / Cerveza Victoria / Chilango / Dirtlej / Food & Wine en Español / Little White Lies / Mosca / Mitch Stone / Natur & Kultur / Picnic / Roche / Straight-Line Leadership / TecReview / Tequila Patron / Tierra Adentro

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